This range of Wheat Color Sorting Machines is reckoned for its accurate operation and low operating cost. These adopt advanced CCD image sensor that has wide angle lens for error free identification of color difference. Data processing chip of these equipments are reckoned for its high speed image acquisition and processing capacity. It not only enhances working ability of color separator, but also plays significant role in supporting image processing algorithm of these machines. Operating system of these Wheat Color Sorting Machines supports different color sorting modes as per grain type. Automatic temperature controller of these equipments mechanically adjusts working temperature as per the exact application needs. User friendly design, low operating cost and simple installation process are the key characteristics of these systems.


High speed operation of these equipments saves production duration.
These adopt top quality optics with subtle color identification capacity.
Ability to support different color sorting modes
Application of high performance chromatic CCD sensor, low maintenance design

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