This array of Spice Color Sorting Machines is used for effective processing of cumin, black pepper, aniseed, fenugreek, fennel etc. Pneumatic or mechanical ejectors of these machines are instrumental in error free detection of spices as per preprogrammed color parameters. Vibrator of these systems have significant role in controlling their mechanism. These Spice Color Sorting Machines generate output signal as per the change in color based on the intensity of light source. Solenoid valve of these equipments plays vital role in ejecting discolored spices to their defect chamber. These machines consist of standard accessories like hopper, UV chutes, vibratory feeder, signal processor, sensor and ejector. Quality of these machines has been verified on the basis of their performance and service life.


Offered equipments are reckoned more their more than 99.9% accuracy level.
These have been designed as per ISO or CE norms.
Standard voltage level and operating pressure range
Excellent production rate in every hour, low maintenance cost, accurate operation

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