This range of precisely designed Rice Color Sorting Machines is reckoned for its error free functioning, fast operation and low operating cost. This grain processing equipment consists of standard components like feeder, grain separation section, signal processing unit, inspection section and easy to comprehend user interface. Advanced design of their feeding hopper ensures even distribution of grains when these are controlled by vibrator. Ejector of these Rice Color Sorting Machines removes broken grains in hopper. CCD camera sensor of these systems is instrumental in separation of rice grains as per their color. Entire structure of these equipments is made of food grade stainless steel. These standard grade machines are capable of separating defective grains even when the color difference is tiny.


Advanced circuit design of these machines ensures about their excellent speed frequency level.
Application of cutting edge optical vision technology
Bright lighting quality for accurate detection of color difference
Utilization of high definition CCD image acquisition technology for error free operation

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