This array of Pulses Color Sorting Machines deserves praise for its fast processing method and low maintenance design. Ideal for small scale rice processing plants, these equipments can be used for effective sorting of peanut, seeds, wheat, rice and dry fruits etc. Apart from their accurate operation, these machines deserve praise for their incorporation of latest image acquisition technology and precise ejection mechanism. Offered Pulses Color Sorting Machines support latest auto calibration mechanism. Application of intelligent algorithm based image integrating technology of these machines enables these to differentiate pulses as per grain size and color. Advanced software of such systems can be upgraded when needed. These machines are known for their above 99.9% accuracy level, precise rated power and standard rated voltage.


Minimal temperature rise and long working life are the main aspects of these machines.
High output and reliable operation
Designed as per global norms to suit most demanding production needs
Energy efficient functioning, accurate diameter and low noise generation


            Commandor color sorting machine is typically refers to a machine that can sort objects or materials based on their color into five different categories or grades. The specific features, specifications, and capabilities of such a machine may vary depending on the manufacturer and intended application. If you are looking for a color sorting machine with similar capabilities, I recommend reaching out to suppliers or manufacturers of color sorting machines. They can provide you with specific details, pricing, and availability of their products, including any models that offer five chutes for color sorting. By contacting the manufacturers directly, you can gain accurate and up-to-date information about their products, as well as any additional features or customization options that may be available.

1.Pulses rice color machines aim to provide accurate sorting results, minimizing false rejects and ensuring high efficiency.
2.These machines are designed to handle a high volume of pulses and rice grains per hour, ensuring efficient and fast sorting.
3.The machine can identify and sort pulses and rice grains based on their color, removing discolored, damaged, or defective grains.
4.Some advanced machines can also sort pulses and rice grains based on their size and shape, ensuring uniformity in the final product.

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