This assortment of Grains Color Sorting Machines is reckoned for its accurate operation and consistent performance. Energy efficient LED light source of these equipments ensures better and error free identification of color difference. Unique data processing speed of these equipments saves production duration. Automatic checking function of these Grains Color Sorting Machines helps to maintain operation consistency. CCD sensor of these systems is capable of detecting spots appeared on grain surface. Advanced design of their spray valve improves their operation frequency. Quality of these machines has been verified on the basis of their operating speed, diameter, energy efficiency, service life, user friendliness and operating charge. Remote diagnostic interface and remote control based operation are the other aspects of these machines.


Provided equipments are reckoned for their application of CCD color sensor.
Easy to operate, these machines can detect tiny color difference accurately.
Utilization of LED lights, precise diameter, stable operation, reasonable price.
Energy efficient function, large output and low operating cost.

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