This array of Chili Color Sorting Machines deserves praise for its utilization of advanced CCD sensor based camera and high operating speed. CCD lens of their camera provide crystal clear image without any distortion. Excellent resolution ratio is one of the key aspects of such lens. LED lights of these Chili Color Sorting Machines deserve praise for their high luminosity level, low power usage rate and long life span. High frequency solenoid valve of these processing equipments minimizes their power usage level. Excellent sorting performance and high frequency level are their key features. Food grade belt of these grain processing equipments minimizes damage of processed chili. Touch screen based operation of these systems ensures about their high sensitivity level and optimum reliability.


This range of equipments comprises of food grade belt and energy efficient powerful motor.
Clear picture quality and short response duration
Equipped with CCD lens, touch screen arrangement and LED lights
Stable operation, error free functioning, user friendly design and low wastage rate

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