This array of Cashew Nut Color Sorting Machines is reckoned for its application of cutting edge mechanism. Cloud storage technology of their camera is featured with high definition image scanning facility for fast and error free detection of color variation. Single button based design of these equipments promotes the concept of mechanical sorting of nuts without any manpower. These Cashew Nut Color Sorting Machines can record and store large data. Image capturing and data analysis of nuts are executed within short span of time without any error. Solenoid valve of these machines ensures about their low air consumption level. Low maintenance design, automatic error detection and recovery arrangement, long working life and advanced light control technology are the unique aspects of these systems.


Offered machines are capable of removing all sorts of impurities present in cashew nuts.
Energy efficient operation, low labor cost, high speed functioning
These precisely developed equipments are appreciated for their accurate diameter and stable functioning.
Heavy duty design, rigid body

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