This range of Badam Color Sorting Machines is reckoned for its multipurpose role, ergonomic shape and stable performance. These grain processing systems are equipped with advanced separation section, signal processing unit and feeder. High definition lens of their CCD camera ensures about better resolution level. Offered high performance Badam Color Sorting Machines are acknowledged for their high integration density, energy efficient operation, higher processing capacity and remote controller based operation. Parameters of these systems can be upgraded online by using large data cloud technology. Solenoid valve of these equipments helps to lower their air consumption level and sensitivity range. Homogeneous illumination technique, maintenance free design, precise dimming and application of 4D data integration technology are the key aspects of these machines.


Offered nut processing systems are equipped with components like hopper, chute and vibratory feeder.
Utilization of highly sensitive signal processor and sensor
Ejector of these equipments uses compressed air to remove impurities.
Prolonged working life, low maintenance design, accurate dimension

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