Wheat Sorting Machine

          This heavy duty cashew Nuts Color Sorter supports advanced cloud storage technology and latest image scanning procedure to maintain high precision of work. It executes mechanical sorting of nuts by its single button based mechanism. Known for its low labor cost, this Nuts Color Sorter is capable of registering and storing large data. Capturing of bright images and their processing are done within pre programmed period to save operation time. This high performance machine has been meticulously designed by efficient personnel by using ergonomically developed components of renowned brands. Low maintenance cost, long working life and high productivity are its main aspects.

Product Features

          Mark Color Sorter is designed to provide a superior performance and reliability, allowing you to avoid annoying maintenance which would effect your production. Mark Color sorter is a complete system that incorporates advanced engineering concepts.

Tri Chromatic Camera Scanner

  • High Speed data acquisition and digital image
  • Processing Technology Using FPGA
  • Resolution - 5400 X 3 pixels with RGB Trichromatic Camera Technology
  • Highly Specialized lens for sorting purpose
  • Front and back evenly aligned cameras with digital alignment technology

10'' Inch Color HMI

  • Low Energy consumption led lighting
  • Improves fine RGB Illumination in background
  • Enhancing defects recognition systems by varying different backgrounds for different types of grains

Specifications of Wheat Sorting Machine

Chute Distribution(P+S+F) 4+2+1 or 4+2+(40+21)
Output(TPH) For Rice/Dal 4 to 6
No.of Camera(F& R) 7+7
Air@ 7.5 kg/cm2 140 CFM
Compressor Requirement 35 HP Screw
Dimension (LxWxH) feet 9.73x4.88x5.97
Cabin Dimension (LxWxH) feet 14x10x8