The machine usually includes a large hopper at the top where peeled garlic cloves are loaded. The hopper feeds the cloves into the sorting mechanism.A conveyor belt or similar system is employed to transport the cloves from the hopper to the sorting section. This ensures a continuous flow of cloves for sorting.The sorting mechanism is the heart of the machine and is responsible for separating garlic cloves based on the desired criteria. Cloves are sorted based on their dimensions. Optical sensors or mechanical devices can measure the size of the cloves and divert them into appropriate bins or channels. Cloves are sorted based on their weight. Sensitive load cells or similar devices can measure the weight of the cloves as they pass through and classify them accordingly.Optical sensors or cameras are employed to analyze the color of the cloves. Based on predefined color parameters, the machine can separate cloves with unusual coloration or defects.


This preserves the quality and appearance of the cloves, making them suitable for further processing or packaging.
The machine can sort garlic cloves based on multiple criteria simultaneously.
The mechanism to divert cloves that do not meet the sorting criteria or have defects.
he machine is designed with ease of maintenance and cleaning in mind.

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