Mahat Cop Sorter

Mahat Cop Sorter

Product Features

         Mahat Cone sorter uses Dual Sense Camera for Detecting Color and Size of the cones.Cops are separated based on the programming of Colors (Standard Two Color).Four color sorting optional.Segregates empty cops with mixed colors and cops with left- out yarn.Filled bins are ejected automatically.User friendly color scanning of cops.Indication lamps fitted for different cop colors.Sorting speed is approximately 50 to 55 cops per minute

Tri Chromatic Camera Scanner

  • High Speed data acquisition and digital image
  • Processing Technology Using FPGA
  • Resolution - 5400 X 3 pixels with RGB Trichromatic Camera Technology
  • Highly Specialized lens for sorting purpose
  • Front and back evenly aligned cameras with digital alignment technology

10'' Inch Color HMI

  • Low Energy consumption led lighting
  • Improves fine RGB Illumination in background
  • Enhancing defects recognition systems by varying different backgrounds for different types of grains