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    Promech Industries Private Limited (Mark Color Sorter) is an experienced company in the segment of bulk food processing machines. It is working as a manufacturer, exporter from India and is catering to the demands of international and national markets.

    It is specializing in manufacturing a series of COLOR SORTERS / COLOR SORTING MACHINES, which are used for sorting various basic edible products such as all types of rice, daal (chana dal, toor dal, moong dal etc), groundnut, wheat, pulses color sorter, pulses, seeds, grains cashew nuts, raisin / kismis, peanut and many more. The machines are integrated with ultra high definition camera and High Definition (HD Lens) that have more than 30% resolution. The camera has an integrated reading system, which has high speed.

    mark color sorter

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    Our Technology

    We implement advanced online technology, which allows remote control and data cloud connectivity. This allows best precision and maximum speed.


    Processing Ability

    We have higher production ability of the color sorting machines that feature highest bandwidth and integration density, which results in 5 times better processing ability.


    Image Processing Algorithm

    We have implemented Intelligent Image Processing Algorithm in all our color sorters, which allows precise sorting of a combination of shapes and colors.