This assortment of Groundnut Color Sorting Machines is capable of removing defective or broken nuts and other impurities during sorting process. Available in different working capacity, CCD camera resolution level, power consumption rate and air compressor design based choices, these equipments deserve praise for their Eco-friendly operation. Food grade stainless steel made contact components of these Groundnut Color Sorting Machines helps to maintain necessary hygiene. These grain processing equipments comprise of standard components like top grade solenoid valve, LED lights and touch screen based operating system. Stainless steel or aluminum ejectors of these equipments have high sensitivity level. Aluminum made chutes of these machines have been designed as per global norms. These chutes are dust protected to simplify maintenance process of these machines.


Consistent performance and low wastage rate are undoubtedly some of the main features of these machines.
Operating system of these machines supports multiple languages for the convenience of operators.
Ergonomic appearance
Low noise function, low dust emission rate, environment friendly operating mode

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